The Friends of the Farlow supports fellowships for graduate student and professional study at the Farlow.

Graduate Student Fellowships
These fellowships support short-term study at the Farlow for students enrolled in graduate degree programs in cryptogamic botany. They are designed to completely cover travel, living and research expenses for a few days or weeks at Harvard. Awards are made throughout the calendar year, so application may be made at any time, but at least 3 months before a desired visit. Application early in the year is encouraged.

Students interested in a Friends of the Farlow Graduate Fellowship should submit a letter of application describing their proposed work at the Farlow and its relation to their current work and/or professional goals. An estimate of expenses and the duration and timing of their visit should be included. Transcripts and letters of reference are not required during the initial application but may be requested at a later date.

Harvey Pofcher Visiting Scholars Program
The Harvey Pofcher Visiting Scholars Fellowship provides funds for experienced professionals to visit and use the resources of the Farlow to engage in the study of fungi, lichens, bryophytes and algae or the history of cryptogamic botany. Funding to applicants will be based on the appropriateness of the research proposal to the mission of the Farlow and the professional accomplishments of the applicant. Work should address a significant question which might best be undertaken at the Farlow. The duration of each scholar's visit is expected to vary depending on the nature of the work proposed.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate with colleagues working in the Harvard Herbaria.

Interested applicants for The Harvey Pofcher Visiting Scholars Program should submit a description of the work proposed to be done at the Farlow, a resume of educational and professional experiences, including publications and significant accomplishments, and professional references. Applications submitted on or before July 1 and January 1 of each calendar year will be considered by the Friends of the Farlow Executive Committee shortly after these dates.

Please send application submissions to:
Friends of the Farlow Fellowships
Farlow Reference Library and Herbarium
Harvard University
22 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA